Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Children in Need fundraising

The pupil council met today, 9th November, to make decisions about fundraising for Children in Need.

Children in Need takes place on Friday 18th November and we hope that the whole school will take part in these events.

We decided to hold a baking competition which will involve 3 things.
1. decorate a cupcake
2. best tasting chocolate cake
3. best tasting cookie - any flavour

The judges will be announced shortly but we are going to ask 3 members of staff at the school to judge this competition. Entry for the baking competition is 30p per item entered. There will be 1 prize per category for children and 1 overall prize for the best entry from a staff member across all 3 sections.

There will be a raffle for the chance to win a pudsey bear, a blush bear or a beannie hat with pudsey lugs! Each raffle ticket will cost 20p.

We are asking people to wear spots for Children in Need day as well and to take 50p into school for doing this.

We hope everyone has great fun on Children in Need day and we raise loads of money.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Last meeting 6.10.11

We met on the 6th October and discussed a number of things. We spoke about the pupil council board and the banner to put up. Lauren from P7 came down and spoke to us about having a 'bake off' competition. We decided to hold a baking competition as part of raising money for Children in Need in November. P7 are also wanting to hold a bake sale as part of their fundraising for kayaking. We still need to design a logo for the pupil council. We agreed to put some posters on our notice board and Mrs Miller took our photos for the blog as well. Look out for them shortly. Everybody on the pupil council got a badge showing that they were on the pupil council - watch out for your pupil council members wearing their badges.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

new pupil council

The new pupil council of 2011-2012 met today for the first time. We discussed ways of making the notice board stand out and had a democratic way of deciding which colours to choose. Mr Scott is going to replace the background colour for us and the P7 and 5A pupils are going to do up lettering for the new look board. Keep looking to see what is happening.

For the next meeting we are going to design a logo to have a logo for the pupil council. We will put this on our board and on the blog as well. In 2 weeks time Mrs Miller will take the camera and take our photos for the blog and the board.

We will update the blog every time we have a meeting.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament in Slovenia is something similar to Pupil Council in Scotland, except for it is based on the country level and not on the individual school. The programme was designed with the idea of raising youth for democracy. Brought up issues are discussed on a regional and later on, on the national level. Its beginnings go to the year 1990 and since then it has the role of encouraging children to state their opinions on the raised questions that they choose themselves. Furthermore, the main aim is also to draw their attention to issues such as human and citizens’ rights.
On the one hand, Pupil Parliament was actually established on a student initiative with the idea of being able to present their opinions, ideas, dilemmas about the questions they consider important in their process of growing up in the area they live, attend school or spend free time in. On the other hand, attention form those who posses power to change things or make them better, may it be school, local authorities to government or non-government organisations is expected. In each school, pupils get elected who later on participate in regional and national meetings. Some of the topics of previous meetings were: Taboos- the prohibited things, Primary school now 9years-our opinion, Youth’s fun and free time, Love and relationships, Stereotypes, racism and discrimination.