Thursday, 2 February 2012

This term we have 2 main things to work on.

 The first thing we are deciding about is Sports Relief which is on Friday 23rd March. We have been working together to think of ideas of thigs to do and on Monday we gave each class a questionnaire about what we thought we could do and we wanted all the children in the school to have a say about what they would like us to organise. Today, Thursday, we counted the responses from the classes.

Classes could choose from the following with the numbers of votes for each one:
a sponsored event - 43
Glaitness Got Talent - 43
a mixed sports league - 32

It was amazing that the sponsored event and Glatiness Got Talet event got the same number. The pupil council took a vote to decide and the votes from the pupil council were as follows:

a sponsored event - 1
Glaitness Got Talent - 9
a mixed sports league - 2

As a result, we will organise a Glaitness Got Talent for Sports relief.

Thank you to all the people who voted.

The other thing we are going to work on this term is about children's rights and responsibilities. Mrs Miller shared with us the fact that a lot of children have said that they think children in our school don't behave well and we have been asked to organise an assembly for Monday 20th February about behaviour in our school.